Sunday, March 29, 2015

4,400 samplers online

Hello everyone!  This link was shared on Carriage House Sampling's blog, and I thought y'all would enjoy it as well.  There are a few North Carolina samplers on here that are in the hands of private collectors, and quite a few other interesting and beautiful pieces.  There are even samplers from Hawaii!  I have only made it about a third of the way through so far, but it's definitely worth a few hours browsing time if you are in a sampler kind of mood.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weather 1: Sampler Guild 0

I hope everyone is safe and warm and taking advantage of some extra stitching time today!  Cissy just called me and pointed out that, not only are the temperatures staying below freezing for the rest of the week (meaning that all this ice isn't going anywhere very quickly), but there is a good chance that even more bad weather will hit us this weekend.  So... we are not having our meeting this weekend.  I am quite bummed as I was really looking forward to seeing Cissy's collection, but never fear, we are moving the meeting back by two weeks.  March 7, we will try this again.  Same time, same location, same agenda.

Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you right after Nashville Market!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

February Meeting Information

      I hope everyone is ready to enjoy morning tea and see some wonderful antiques at our next meeting!  We will be meeting at Cissy Smith's house to hear about (and see) her wonderful collection of antique sewing tools and samplers.  In addition, we will be playing "Name That Stitch," using one of Cissy's antiques with a few 'mystery' techniques.  

    Do you have a favorite antique sewing tool or accessory?  We would love to see it! Please feel free to bring your antique for show and tell.  Our discovery time will be followed by tea and light snacks with plenty of time for socializing.  Check your email for a signup list for bringing food.

We have invited members of the Carolina Sampler Guild in Charlotte to join us. This promises to be a fun (and educational) event!

When: 10:00 am, Saturday, February 21 
Where: the home of Cissy Smith (email Cissy or Robin Patrick for the address/directions if you need them)
What to bring: a magnifier if you want to play "Name That Stitch"
                       an antique sewing tool or accessory for "Show and Tell"
                       whatever food item you sign up for

   Hope to see you there!

PS.  Mark your calendar for the April meeting, which will be Saturday, April 11.  Details coming soon-ish.

Friday, December 5, 2014

3rd Annual Christmas Breakfast and Freebie Exchange

Hello Sampler Friends.
   It is time once again for our annual Christmas Breakfast.

When: Saturday December 13th, 2014
Time: 10am
Place: Elizabeth Hurd's house
Please contact Elizabeth for what else is needed for the meal.

Freebie exchange will take place again.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Antiquing, Stem/Outline Stitch and Seed Stitch 101 - October 18, 2014

After seeing Myra's antiqued box, I knew I had to learn how to do it myself. After painting my own little box, I thought you might like to do it also. But, I wanted something special for the top. After participating in the stitching of the Jamestown jacket, I knew it was just the thing.  

I have two books in my collection with designs taken from girls' workbooks. Your design has been chosen to fit the little box. The color of the box will be Williamsburg blue and we will use one of the new antique colors of silk (created by Trish Nyguen, inspired by 17th century samplers) to stitch the design. We will learn how to Outline and Stem Stitch the outer line of the design and then use the Seed Stitch for shading the leaves and flowers.  

I will bring all of the materials to the meeting. The kits will cost $10.50 and they include:

1 spool each of Soie Perlee and Aux Ver Au Soie 1003 in a blue green (think dark Williamsburg Blue)
1 - 4" oval box
2 bottles of paint - blue and black
2 sponge brushes
1 #10 crewel needle
1 piece of 40-ct. Alba Maxima white linen (8" x 8" or 9" x 9"), depending on whichever size cuts the most equal.  

If you plan to participate in the class, please be prepared to pay for your materials at that time.  

If, however, you are not taking the class, pack your stitching project and come to the meeting anyway. We want to see you!

See you the the 18th!  Can't wait!



The next meeting of the Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild is October 18th.  It will be held at the Kathleen Clay Edwards Branch of the Greensboro Public Library.  Please plan to arrive no later that 9:45am, so that the meeting can begin promptly at 10:00am.  Louise Henderson will be in charge of the meeting.  More information will follow this post, so be on the lookout!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Announcing the SECOND Annual Yard Sale! Saturday, August 9, 2014!!!

As you know, this Saturday, August 9th,  is our second annual Yard Sale!!!!!   It's time to go through your stitching supplies and gather those items that you no longer want, need or are just tired of looking at and bring them to the sale.

Are you tired of feeling guilty about the projects that you will never finish?  What about those charts that you just had to have, but now wish you had passed up? Do you have any stitching books that you no longer want? Extra fabric…threads…stitching accessories?  Bring it all to the sale! You know what they say:  "One stitcher's "trash" is another stitcher's treasure!".  

Be merciless in your decisions.  Get rid of anything and everything that has prevented you from moving forward in your stitching passion!  It is time for you to have a clean slate!  

All items will be sold for a dollar and the proceeds from our sale will go towards the cost of upcoming workshops or Guild events.     

We will meet at the Kathleen Clay Edwards Branch of the Greensboro Public Library, located at 1420 Price Park Dr.  Please plan to be there by 9:45am so that you will have plenty of time to get your sale items ready to be rifled through by stitch-crazy women!  As always, our meeting will start promptly at 10:00am. 

In addition to our world famous Yard Sale, we will also hold a business meeting. This Guild is your Guild and we want our meetings to reflect your desires, needs and wishes.  So, come prepared with meeting, workshop and road trip ideas. Nothing is out of bounds, so get creative…really creative!  

As always, there is an optional lunch after the meeting.  (Location?  To Be Announced).  

Aren't you excited?!?  I sure am!!!  See you Saturday!!!

Robin L.

PS.  Bring a lot of dollar bills!